About Us

Left to Right: Kimi, Linus, Ayrton, Kit

I’ve started this┬áblog to document my family’s adventures, primarily for our own consumption once we all get older. Eventually the kids will go on with their own lives, support a career, and start their own families. I would like this to be a reminder to them that we should never lose sight of what is truly important in our lives, and that is our family.

By adventures, we really just like to go camping and spending time outdoors. A lot of them in remote places that Jeepney can take us. Whether it is an overnight or three weeks — it is an adventure for us. Every now and then, we will break off from this and fly somewhere where the sand meets the ocean. And if we’re truly lucky, we will be doing both at the same time.

With that said, you are welcome to enjoy our adventures thru our stories, pictures and YouTube videos. And perhaps we may even entice you to try breaking off from the routine and go out and explore the outdoors.